So we’re here, F1 2012 season is now under way, It’s great to see all the cars back on track and the familiar voices of Brundle n Co getting all excited about the action.

A couple of things stood out for me in quali this morning, on a slightly biased side I thopught Williams made a goos solid start to a season in which they are expected to and must improve on last year. Well done to them, and long may it continue. Also I’m astounded that Ferrari seem to have got it so wrong, now I’m no ferrari fan, t in the slightest but with all those resources and the team they have behind them I not sure I can believe what I’ve just seen, both the red cars in the gravel during practice and quali, that cant be driver error on both counts got to be something to do with the cars aero and handling. I’m sure there will be much head scratching at Marenello in the days to come.

Finally,HALLELUJAH the FIA, and its stewards have finally had the spine to put DNQ next to a car. It’s a sad state of affairs that a team finds itself in this position, but with limited resouces and technical back up it was always going to be a race against time for HRT to get anything like close to having a fully prepared car ready for the season.

I’m glad that they’ve been DNQ’d it should show that this is not just a sport where anyone with a few quid can just hop onboard andd have a go, there are serious issues behind this move, HRT got on the grid by the skin of it’s teeth last year too, but then unlike this year they had had some test running in Spain, the stewards, in my opinion counld NOT allow a car to race that has had no significant testing. The 107% is there for a reason, with the front runners doing the speeds that they do a “mobile chicane” is just not acceptable. Well done FIA for enforcing the rules and HRT get it sorted and get back on track, we don’t to lose a team, we just want them all playing within the rules, and doing so safely.