Should F1 go to Bahrain? In my opinion most certainly not. Why? Because we should not support this oppressive regime in any way shape or form, That’s why.

Now I’ve read loads over the past few days an weeks about how an in-named team principle says it’s not safe for him, his staff and their family’s and I agree it’s not. But nobody seems to want to address the ugly subject of politics, well here goes.

If you are someone that knows me, you’ll know I’m a WilliamsF1 fan though an through, however when the subject of Bahrain comes up so do a Miriad of other unsavoury  things connected with F1 and money, CVC Capitol aka Mr B and the FIA are happy for the teams to go to Bahrain coz it generates revenue full stop. Someone somewhere within this sport should be sitting down and saying ” we will not accept money” be it revenue or sponsorship from any oppressive regime, whereever or whoever they may be. F1 should not even consider I know people will scream hypocrit coz Williams get backing from PDVSA and I have to say that doesn’t sit very comfortably with me, however it was done within the rules of the game, so to speak. It’s time to change those rules and not allow these people or regimes to benefit from F1’s global brand. It must stop, and stop now.