Audi romped home to a 1-2-3 at Spa 6hr, sending out a good marker for the up and coming 24hr at Le Mans. Toyota seem to be making sounds that they can beat the german team, but on the evidence at Spa I cant see that happening, Audi seem to have LMP1 sewn up.

LMP2 however is a totally different kettle of fish the racing in this class was absolutely stunning at points during the race there were only tenths between the top 4 runners, and in a 6 hour race thats mighty competetive.

So not too long now and we’ll be back at Le Mans, hoping that Mr McNish can keep it shiny side up and that maybe the Toyotas can give Audi a little push, just for racings sake. Also at this years 24 hr will be father and son teaming of Martin and Alex Brundle running in LMP2, wish them all the best,would be awesome to see them get a class win.