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Today was one of the most emotional days I think I’ve ever been through, after the qualifying yesterday and the subsequent demotion of Lewis and promotion of Pastor, You kinda wondered whether just maybe………

All the TV hype as usual, interviews with the relevant contenders, and I’m thinking “just get on with it” I just want to see if, just maybe Pastor can get to the 1st corner first. It was’nt to be. Historically the Spanish GP is won by the pole sitter, but that was in the days of Bridgestone and when the tyre deg was minimal. 2012 it’s a totally different ball game. As the race started and Alonso took the 1st corner you kinda realised that thw Williams team had the right strategy, Pastor tucked in behind Alonso, no 1st corner heroics, and settled down to race, and race he did.

Apart from the one slightly missed heartbeat on his 2nd stop, everything went to plan. This was without a doubt a proper race win, not a middle of the pack team winning because it rained or the safety car helped out or anything else, this was a team with the passion and drive to race and win, Coz that’s all they do.

After the race n celebrations there was  however a fire in the Williams garage, and it now emerges that 3 of the team have been detained in hospital in Barcalona, we wish them well and a speedy return to Grove.

On a personal note I’d have to say that today’s result is right up there with 14th Jly 1979,silverstone. Our 1st win, and further to that a massive Happy Birthday to Sir Frank. i know it was 16th April but the team celebrated out in Spain. It was also quite pogniant that we should get this win on the 62nd anniversay of the inaugral GP at Silverstone.The only truly independant team on the grid is back in the winning ways,and long may it continue.

We’re in really good shape now. WilliamsF1   43pts   looked pretty good to me after 5 races.

Thanks too for all the tweets n messages from @marshallGP @aidinmont @ashlee_1932 @eyeofAlexg1977 for all your messages and the fact you all knew it would mean so much, see ya soon guys.


Should F1 go to Bahrain? In my opinion most certainly not. Why? Because we should not support this oppressive regime in any way shape or form, That’s why.

Now I’ve read loads over the past few days an weeks about how an in-named team principle says it’s not safe for him, his staff and their family’s and I agree it’s not. But nobody seems to want to address the ugly subject of politics, well here goes.

If you are someone that knows me, you’ll know I’m a WilliamsF1 fan though an through, however when the subject of Bahrain comes up so do a Miriad of other unsavoury  things connected with F1 and money, CVC Capitol aka Mr B and the FIA are happy for the teams to go to Bahrain coz it generates revenue full stop. Someone somewhere within this sport should be sitting down and saying ” we will not accept money” be it revenue or sponsorship from any oppressive regime, whereever or whoever they may be. F1 should not even consider I know people will scream hypocrit coz Williams get backing from PDVSA and I have to say that doesn’t sit very comfortably with me, however it was done within the rules of the game, so to speak. It’s time to change those rules and not allow these people or regimes to benefit from F1’s global brand. It must stop, and stop now.

Williams F1 announced today that Chairman Adam Parr has resigned and will leave the company this friday, 30th march 2012. it is said he is leaving to have a better life balance and I wish him well in this as Adam has over the last 5/6 years given Williams a massive amount of his time and talent. We owe him a great debt for helping to steer the ship in the direction its going now.

Nick Rose takes over the reins as Chairman and as he’s already involved with the team one would hope the change will be as seemless as possible. Let’s all wish him well in his new post and continue to back the team. We’re going places now, with Bruno grabbing us some good points in malaysia and Pastor showing that he has matured well after his rookie season, the 2 DNF’s do not do his driving justice so far this seasson, We’re in a good place to start striking back at Force India and Toro Rosso.

Roll on Shanghai.

So we’re here, F1 2012 season is now under way, It’s great to see all the cars back on track and the familiar voices of Brundle n Co getting all excited about the action.

A couple of things stood out for me in quali this morning, on a slightly biased side I thopught Williams made a goos solid start to a season in which they are expected to and must improve on last year. Well done to them, and long may it continue. Also I’m astounded that Ferrari seem to have got it so wrong, now I’m no ferrari fan, t in the slightest but with all those resources and the team they have behind them I not sure I can believe what I’ve just seen, both the red cars in the gravel during practice and quali, that cant be driver error on both counts got to be something to do with the cars aero and handling. I’m sure there will be much head scratching at Marenello in the days to come.

Finally,HALLELUJAH the FIA, and its stewards have finally had the spine to put DNQ next to a car. It’s a sad state of affairs that a team finds itself in this position, but with limited resouces and technical back up it was always going to be a race against time for HRT to get anything like close to having a fully prepared car ready for the season.

I’m glad that they’ve been DNQ’d it should show that this is not just a sport where anyone with a few quid can just hop onboard andd have a go, there are serious issues behind this move, HRT got on the grid by the skin of it’s teeth last year too, but then unlike this year they had had some test running in Spain, the stewards, in my opinion counld NOT allow a car to race that has had no significant testing. The 107% is there for a reason, with the front runners doing the speeds that they do a “mobile chicane” is just not acceptable. Well done FIA for enforcing the rules and HRT get it sorted and get back on track, we don’t to lose a team, we just want them all playing within the rules, and doing so safely.

It’s just been announced that Sir Frank Williams is to stand down from the board of Williams Grand Prix Holdings, with effect from the end of March 2012. At the same time it has also been announce that Sir Frank’s daughter Claire williams will take a position on the board as director of Marketing and Communications.

Within the space of 2 months both the co-founders of this legendary F1 team have now left the board and handed control over to a new generation. It’s always sad to see someone of Sir Franks’s stature leave a company but I think in the last 12 to 18 months he has done so much to ensure the longevity of his company. By recruiting the likes of Mike Coughlan, Jason somerville to the team Sir Frank has strengthened the team for the future.

From humble beginnings in an old carpet warehouse WilliamsF1 has grown into a major player in the F1 scene, although 2011 was recorded as statistically the worsed year for the team it remains at the heart of the sport, its personnel well respected throughout the sport, some of which have worked for the company from day 1.

In 1979 Patrick Head and Sir Frank created the FW07, this was to be their first winning car taking the honours at their home GP at Silverstone, from that day there was no looking bad. The team got the winning bug and continued to win races and championships for the best part of 2 decades, the last championship being Jacques Villenuerve in 1997.

Since then the team has had mixed fortunes with a number of engine manufacturers from Cosworth to BMW and Toyota. 2012 sees the team re-united with Renault the engine supplier that they created some many of there records with, along with a rejuvenated design and aero team Williams look set to start getting back to their glory days. it wont happen overnight but Sir Frank has always been in the game for the long haul,handing the reins of the company over to a younger generation is the next step in teams continuing involvement in the sport.

Williams F1 is in safe hands, It’s Own. and long may it last. As still the only truly independant team ion the grid they should be cherished and respected in equal manner.To Sir Frank, i hope you enjoy a less hectic life but I’m sure he’ll be keeping an eye on the team and congratulations to Claire Williams on her appointment.

Happy with today at barca, Maldonado top of the timing lists, I know that does n’t say much at this stage but it’s just nice to see a Williams car heading the time sheets.

Like I still have the photo on my phone of Hulkenberg taking poll in Brazil 2010, savour it, don’t when it’s going to happen again. I mildly optimistic about this season though, I think Williams have turned the corner now and hopefully we’re on the up again.

Bring on the racing n we’ll see.