Saturday 25th Feb 2012, what a day, it was my 1st time marshalling for the Vintage Sports Car Club at Silverstone for “The Pom” as its known. I was n’t sure what to expect only that I’d been assigned to Assembly for the day.

As normal I travelled up to the track the night before, and stayed over in the camp site at Silverstone, morning of the meet I was up bright n early, signed on and ready. But there was n’t any real sign of the Competitors!!!!

Then roaring round the corner into the paddock they came, An old Scat, a 1926 Rolls, Frazer Nash’ a plenty and other such delights as Austin Healey’ and confusingly for me at least an Audi R8????? I was n’t sure how vintage that was with a ’11 plate on the front!

As well as being my 1st time at this meeting it was also my 1st time in Asssembly, “How hard can it be?” well to be honest its not the counting I had a problem with, honest. Its getting all the right cars with the right drivers in the right place to start a race at the right time, sounds easy until you add into the factor that driver of car whatever No left his gloves and has had go back n fetch them and “I wonder old chap would I be able to leave this spare wheel here til after the race”said one driver of a very old but highly polished and obviously prized automobile, “makes the old girl a tad lighter” So with various bits n pieces of car and spares scattered about the assembly area they all set of to do their tests.

Once completed the afternoon session was for racing,of a sort, the cars are alloted an amount of laps to do, and I believe they result works on some sort of handicapping system, but apart from not fully understanding the intricacies and details of all the rules it was just a bloody good days racing, the weather was glorious and the machinery on display was a joy to watch.

I¬†certainly recommend “The Pom” to anyone who just wants a day out to watch some fine old cars, and drivers it has to be said, having a cracking good time. I’ll certainly be there next year.

P.S. Also met my friend @trinnifer12 as she and her hubby were marshalling too, good to see you again guys.


Happy with today at barca, Maldonado top of the timing lists, I know that does n’t say much at this stage but it’s just nice to see a Williams car heading the time sheets.

Like I still have the photo on my phone of Hulkenberg taking poll in Brazil 2010, savour it, don’t when it’s going to happen again. I mildly optimistic about this season though, I think Williams have turned the corner now and hopefully we’re on the up again.

Bring on the racing n we’ll see.

Well everyone seems to be doing it, so I thought I might as well join in the fun. This is my Blog, what you’ll get is all the F1 news n stuff i can muster and a load of stuff about the inaugral WEC plus Britcar and marshalling news and general banter. It’s mainly a tool for me to record what I’m doing and what I think of Motorsport n stuff surrounding it, there will be rants coz I dont agree with all that I see in the motorsport world but hey! if you dont shout now and again you dont get heard:)

I’d be really grateful to anyone who wants to post comments etc on here and maybe even a bit of encouragement, please enjoy and if you have any tips or suggestions I’ll always listen, I may not act on it but I’ll listen.